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Thread: <We have to go back> Oceanic Raiding Guild and PVP/Casuals

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    Default <We have to go back> Oceanic Raiding Guild and PVP/Casuals

    <Reverence Oceanic> is the name of the guild. Whisper Yeshin

    This is a new Guild only for Prime. Everybody is welcome from Australia/NewZealand/EU/NA/Asia depending on what your life schedule is. My personal plan is to level up quickly and gear up doing expert t1/t2 dungeons. The raids won't be available right away so there should be plenty of time for everybody to get ready. The end goal is to have 20 people who want to raid weekly. There will be 2 lockouts per week in Prime so I will wait and see before finalising a schedule. Also not sure if 10 mans and 20 mans will be released together. All types of players welcome and although we have enthusiasm for raiding, won't be intensely serious.

    Raid nights ( Not set in stone yet)

    Thursday 7:00-11:00pm AEST
    Sunday 6:00pm-whenever AEST ( Maybe earlier)
    Monday 7:00-10:00pm

    Discord everybody welcome
    Reply here to express interest or message me. Understandable if you don't want to post your ingame name in case somebody ninjas it. Can message me on FB https://www.facebook.com/Matt.W.Dredge

    Previous Guilds I've raided in
    Epoch Gaming
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