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Thread: <Rift Prime> Welcoming Raiders, Casuals, & Socials for all aspects of Prime.

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    Prophet of Telara Nogardgib's Avatar
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    Jul 2012


    We welcome everyone 35+ as before. We are an NA raiding guild, however, we are an International social guild.

    More specifically at this time, we are looking for raiders 120 hit+ un-runed who are ready to stomp Greenscale.

    Message us via a reply here, pm me here in these forums, join our discord
    https://discordapp.com/invite/mmorpgcom and pm me there, or pm/mail me in game.
    Please come join our community

    Click Here <O└d Skool>Click Here

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    Oct 2014

    Default Old Skool

    Old school rocks. Great community, awesome people, and its always fun playing with these guys. 10/10* would buy again. Everyday I see them helping the rift community or looking out for us by making more suggestions to the trion team.

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    Rift Disciple holysheetman's Avatar
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    Jan 2011


    I've had a blast since joining. We are a friendly bunch! Do you like to raid? Want to see the newest stuff?

    Join us!
    Nerneo <Old Skool>


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    Rift Disciple Zorr's Avatar
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    Feb 2011

    Default A crifting we will go!!!!

    Old Skool is filled with friendly, helpful people...it's always a true pleasure hunting confounding contraptions, questing, dungeoning, and raiding with everyone...if you are looking for a friendly place to hang out in Rift Prime, come join us...we have a CRIFT run scheduled today, so come join us!!!!

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