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Thread: Prime XP bonus

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    Default Prime XP bonus

    Aaaah, the joys of having History Repeat Itself is always nice.

    Recently, Gamigo through Zyra posted that the experience bonus would be slowly ramped up, so we could "get to 50 ASAP" as she wrote it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zyra View Post
    9) If a new player decides to start on prime now and get to level 50 before the 31st March, will they get the level 65 boost and 1mil loyalty?
    Yes! The only requirement is having a single level 50 character on Prime on the account before the shards are locked on the 31st.

    Note: Experience bonuses will slowly be ramped up between now and March 31st, so it’s a great time for those who want to get to 50 ASAP!
    A few days ago, the bonus was 200. I PM'd Zyra asking about that increase and was told it should be 300 already. Said it wasn't and that it really didn't matter much, as kill XP is so tiny an amount of a level to begin with. She would look into it. And yesterday it was changed to 300%. Yay. Or... Something, I guess.

    Today, I logged into Live and saw this

    AWESOME!!! Let's relog to Prime and see what's going on there! Because, I mean, come on, 300% XP TO EVERYTHING!!! YAY! Seems like she understood what I meant. And then I see this

    WT and F.....?

    Dear Gamigo, please do not repeat one of Trion's most annoying mistakes: Thinking that "XP" only includes "Kill XP". Here's just 3 of Trions last "Bonus XP" announcements that were really just Kill XP and nothing else:

    Quote Originally Posted by Yaviey View Post
    Level up an alt on Live or catch up to your friends on Prime with an extra 50% bonus experience in-game until July 11, 2018.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yaviey View Post
    This is the perfect opportunity to level an alt or catch up with your friends on RIFT Prime! Enjoy bonus XP until August 6, 2018!
    Quote Originally Posted by Yaviey View Post
    This is the perfect opportunity to level an alt or catch up with your friends on RIFT or RIFT Prime! Enjoy bonus XP until August 26, 2018!
    Notice how they specifically state "level an alt or catch up with your friends"? That is not going to happen if the only thing being boosted is KILL XP!!! The higher your level, the less Kill XP is of a level, compared to a quest.

    So please, Dear Gamigo, you have less than 11 days to fix this for Prime, as you intended with "get to 50 ASAP" and you really really really should not do anything similar on Live. If you want to give us XP bonus, make sure it counts EVERYTHING and NOT JUST KILLS!
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    still need quest xp bonus, and dungeon xp bonus as well as planar kills xp bonus

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    I got baited by the XP bonus message as well. Switched to prime to find out it's only kill experience. Leveled a character to 15ish to see if it was noticeable, which it wasn't (outside of levels 1-5 anyway). It should work on all sources of experience, especially quests.

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