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    Default Well, I think we know where this is going

    Disclaimer ahead of time - I love this game, think it's still one of the best since the days of Asheron's Call, DAOC, and SWG.

    As I've expressed before, Prime was a great idea. Trion, unfortunately, squandered it with their lack of communication with the community.

    Storm Legion release, overall, with the exception of some rather low to medium sized (impact wise) bugs, was great. You just missed the train Trion. If you had released this two months ago the population would be a lot better. You'd have saved the saving grace that you came up with, Prime.

    But, what's done is done. So let's not beat that dead horse.

    However, what in the heck is going on now? Referencing those low to medium sized bugs that need to be fixed? Still no patch notes for today's maintenance? Very very little communication on the dev tracker since release....C'mon! Communicate, haven't we learned this lesson yet? We are talking about crafting daily turn-ins, the potential for expert dungeons, empty vendors, the huge mentorship bug - amongst many other small bugs and......almost no communication! The dev tracker on the forums is depressing!

    I've already been silenced on the facebook page (literally), given a warning on here, maybe this will be the last straw and I'll get banned for *gasp* being critical of a game I love to play that has issues.

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    We expect and appreciate constructive feedback, whether it's positive or negative.

    My apologies for being late on the patch notes today - I try to get them up the night before as a rule - they are up now, and they correct the mentoring issue on Prime. If you are speaking of another mentoring issue, please post it under the bug section, along with any other bugs you encounter, or submit them in game as bug reports.

    We have a Development letter coming this month, as I've said a few times previously. Storm Legion launched well and Dev is turning back to Live, where several projects are underway.

    Devs tend to use official feedback threads as a rule, because they don't have the time to comb the forums for side conversations. If they don't have anything specific to discuss, they work instead, but they do read the forums, and we frequently discuss issues that are raised. Salvatrix is particularly active, because she is involved with the most frequently updated features.

    I can tell you that a thread title like this one is not going to encourage Devs to come on in and chat with you, even if they had more time. =)

    I don't know what you posted on Facebook that could have led to you being blocked there, but I can look into it for you if you like - you'd need to message me the details in a PM.
    You only have one warning and no points on your forum account, so this is not the "last straw" here. Let's not jump to conclusions!

    ps. And yes, I am closing this thread, because it is not constructive... but I want you to know that we are listening, and we are paying attention.
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