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Thread: Please, don't trash you dimension items.....

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    Default Please, don't trash you dimension items.....

    The dimension item situation on Prime is vastly different from Live. Even if you don't build yourself, your world drop items are extremely valuable to those of us who do.

    PLEASE take a moment to list any unused dim items on the AH and I promise you they will be bought eventually.

    Better yet, take time to tour some of the weekly or all time top dimensions and see why Rift's player housing (I hate to trivialize it with that name) is far and above the best in the MMO world. Maybe you will be inspired to build something yourself.

    *bother - can't fix my typo in the header...apologies
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    Default Hi

    I do not do Dimensions. I used to but now my partner does not play I simply don't enjoy it as a shared activity, we used to make amazing dimensions.

    I will put it up on the AH so please buy stuff up even if not part of your current project. I will put the world drops on at reasonable prices.

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