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Thread: Plz gives us a 50% or more bonus weekend to all sources??

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    Default Plz gives us a 50% or more bonus weekend to all sources??

    I am hoping you guys give us something extra for this weekend that is all!!thanks and maybe you should consider bonus for each weekend???it would help a lot for the game!!
    100% or more guys!!

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    Some of us work all weekend, I'm working two 12 hour shifts this weekend. A blanket experience buff is sorely needed right now to stop the population bleed, or at least plug the wound until we get something that resembles a decent level 50 pool of players.
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    all sources.. probably never gonna happen.. they have been refusing that for live already, ignoring people that do not necessarily hack/slash 24/7 but actually do/turn in quests..

    crafting xp got killed when they nerfed powerlevelling.. they never bothered including crafting bonus in the bonus weekends.. they removed the mats boxed you could buy with artisan marks on live long time ago, but never bothered bringing them back (in adjusted state) for any bonus weekend.

    As for xp bonus/upgrades.. that might happen 1 or 2 weeks before unlocking storm legion, to push the lower levels to get ready for storm legion.. too many level 50s with no new unlock at the horizon will just keep people from playing the ' grind same 2 or 3 instances for gearing' and do nothing else in game once they have (close to) bis gear.

    Progression is the key... there isn't much/any and with that, not much of an incentive to grind either.

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