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Thread: Do Warfronts and Dungeons Pop Fairly Fast at Level 50?

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    Default Do Warfronts and Dungeons Pop Fairly Fast at Level 50?


    Returning player, new to Prime. I think I've discovered I no longer enjoy leveling, and the only thing I could look forward to would be PVP and dungeon runs, but at my current low level, nothing is really triggering (like Prime has a low population), so I'm curious if it "gets good" at endgame or not?

    Or is Prime really just a rift and crafting/exploration server?

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    they could add/increase tokens/exp from random wfs and dungs imo..

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    Warfronts pop fast at 50. Maybe not at primetime, where the majority is raiding. With my main char, it takes only seconds most of the time. My alt gets none at all. I donīt understand, why no one is queing. The gear Iīs get out of the chests would help a lot.

    Expert dungeons should be OK too. Some items like the gedlo-bow or trinkets are better than most raidgear or even best in slot.

    If you are queueing as dps only you may have a hard time. But thatīs a general issue. With a core group with healer and tank it shoud be easy.

    And of course a guild with voicechat makes life much easier in RIFT. Especially when you donīt know the dungeons in an out and want to try tanking or healing and donīt want to deal with impatient groups who expect you to know it all.

    Without a guild your experience is almost castratet. Most players on prime are friendly and willing to help if you put in some effort yourself.

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