Plz Trion...

Make a permanent exp boost of 75 or 100 % for dungeons AND quests.

The lvl grind still is horrible. New Players give up fast.

On a Progression Server there shouldnt be a Thing like lvl grind.
It destroys the fun and is boring as hell

So plz dear Trion, give us a permanent lvl boost of 75 or 100 %.

Then lvling will be more fun and Server will have more max lvl ppl for endgame.

And plz release new Content more faster. Otherwise ppl will lose interest and leave. Furthermore the endcontent like experts and raids shouldnt be easier than the normal lvl dungeons.

But making ppl lvling faster SHOULD be your main priority now.
So the Population grows again.

Its no big deal to make a permanent exp boost on Prime anyway.
But if you dont then you can shut down Prime soon!

so please ....stop that lvl grind!


Greetings Dralar aka Soulreapeer