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Thread: Patch Notes and xp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aranka View Post
    I can agree with a lot of above mentioned points..

    but uhm yeah.. I overlevelled playing daily doing quests without dungeons/pvp

    and yes.. 48 to 50 can be done in 8 hrs just questing.. don't need the rested xp for that if you know what you are doing.

    the way I see it, Trion was not at all prepared for releasing Prime, a lack of insight in xp gain, oversight in the effect of soul/class changes in the past on vanilla content and the missing of powerlevel options that are available in live.

    There should have been a basic timeline for the release of zones, raids, expansions..
    and maybe.. just a level xp vial for say.. level 25 if max is 50

    No doubt Trion had a timeline in mind when opening Prime.. It took the first players about a week to hit 50..
    Give or take 4 to 5 weeks average for the majority of the players.. xp boosts added (again)
    getting to 50 should now become way more easily (the last xp boost with todays patch basically grants the last level for free compared to prepatch).

    The moment hit 19 gear came into game, it should have opened up ember isle as well.. crafted bis gear that came with ember isle back in the days was 19 hit as well..

    slivers before ember isle, raids together or one week after ember isle.. and with raids I mean RoS, GSB and HK. 3 to 4 weeks after that.. Storm Legion...

    Storm Legion is 10 levels wide.. back in the days, some superman made it in some 4hrs I think with 160% boosts.. that will now not be the case.. players will in general take a bit longer than that to make 60, do torvan venerated rep and instances/xprts

    So 4 to 5 weeks into storm legion.. release ember west island and the raid rifts, 2 or 3 weeks later the big raids and after 3 months of starting storm legion NT

    If you want to challenge players, you need to set dates and timelines people can aim for.. if you wait too long with the progression, people will get disappointed, bored and not bother pushing themselves to that next step

    challenges.... mhm well, yeah.. nice for a short time perhaps.. but only a small part of the game..

    rather would have seen that in achievements.. sub directory.. Prime achievements, perhaps some legendary.. and a specified reward for making those achievements.. special titles, mounts, currency boxes.. w/e, but only achievable through Prime, not through Live.

    @Soluss.. check the images.. the xp bar shows some 9xx.xxx xp req.. that's level 49 to 50.
    And 2million xp in cache, rewarded the moment you make 1 xp...

    check the image.. 80 quests left in shimmersand, 40 in droughtlands.. some 25 to 30 in stillmoor..
    no points mentioned in dungeons.. cause I never went in on that char.
    10 points pvp.. from closing a rift in a defiant zone...

    achievement points 1200...

    so yes, no warfronts, no dungeons, just open world. and logging in/playing daily
    for the /played .. that's 23 days, 11 hours
    You did a bunch of rift grinds on an alt that was likely made post first XP pass. You act like you leveled pre xp pass doing nothing but quests. I compare it to my main who was 40 before the first xp pass and therefor had burned through all the quests when an entire zone would give 2 levels at best and I did it during launch when it was popular and had to multishare xp on just about everything I killed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aranka View Post
    As for questing.. there are (more than) enough players questing to group up with
    I described the game situation from my point of view. You don't have to tell me how many players were around me when I made my quest.

    Maybe there was a flood of players rushing through the areas at the same level as you, but that was just a flood and then the tide went out.

    At the moment there are not even enough players to do the daily quest. Dixa had already described it. The first players were able to equip themselves and the following players have no chance to catch up, because there are not enough who queue for random dungeons.

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