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Thread: I love this game but its dying...Prime ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dixa View Post
    the specs are on these very forums, you can find them yourself.

    if you are unwilling to learn the specs given you are clearly able to use the forums, don't expect others to adapt to your playstyle. that's not how these games - or the world - works.

    i dont like that my mage can't play necro or necro lock. i dont like that my mage has to have MA in every freaking spec. do i force a group to carry my gimp necro lock? nope. i have an ma role for when i want to dps, because i am not so inconsiderate that i feel the other four are required to carry me.

    you call me obnoxious for thinking this way, and i consider you entitled for thinking otherwise.

    i gave you an expert CC specific example and you say i'm wrong...but also state you have not done expert CC. consider proof reading before you post things. if you do not know the pain of dealing with a boss like that with a hard dps check then don't post about it.

    there are players that refuse to use macros, and complain that their dps is too low.
    this is not a legitimate complaint - the macro system is integral to the game.

    there are players that refuse to use any but some automated levelling spec, and complain that their dps is too low.
    this is a moderately legitimate complain - soul balance is an issue. but if you are unwilling to adapt nobody should be forced to pick up your slack when you have an option that doesn't require rerolling.
    That's the overall problem. YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO BE A SABOTEUR OR MYSTIC ARCHER TO PLAY THE F'n GAME. And no macros are not required, these are things that elitists players like yourself shoehorn other players into thinking. Blah blah blah macros are more efficient, maybe i like the challenge of pressing the keys instead of being a one button drone. And by all means keep up this attitude your about to be on a very lonely server. I have two characters each one in two guilds that were HUMONGOUS. im talking almost 1000 players in each. Now each one has about 10 to 20 people on MAXIMUM at prime time. Oh and when the WOW classic server comes out, which is a real vanilla server this game is DONE!

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    Just put elitists on ignore and the game will feel better immediately. You won't have to read their obnoxious posts in chat and you won't get grouped with them in LFG. It's a win win.
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    If ya wanna bail on a pug group fine, bail. But dont ask to be kicked, take your debuff and move on.
    Why should you take a debuff if YOU want to leave? i think you know the answer....

    PUGs are a gamble and by putting yourself in the mix, its a risk you take.

    But please dont whine and moan and ask to be kicked. Ive seen very few groups that cant clear the dungeon even though it might take longer than you think it should.
    Stick it out or DONT PUG.

    Dont pop out of the dungeons to go farm till you group gets to the boss and pop back in to get boss loot and pop back out. Things like this are going to kill this server.

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    I opted to play Rift Prime because I wanted to see a fresh world, populated with people. I wanted to see the things i remembered loving about Rift, when Rift was new. People flooding through the zones with no cares as they leveled, enjoying rifts and zone events as they popped, and warfronts for all ages. The carefree times.

    Now we're into the serious business times. These are the dark days of "know your business" and be the best. The days of raiding. To me, these are honestly depressing times in a games life, I've never enjoyed dungeons and raiding. I stopped raiding years ago, and honestly have lost the desire for it. If I wanted to raid, you know the *other* game I would be playing anyway. I assume others who have left are of a similar mindset, especially when they find out certain classes being broken.

    To be honest, I never really knew what content would be released for Prime. My plan was to simply try it, see how it goes, and quit when it feels right to. I never knew how quickly the content would be put out to catch up to present time live, but I assumed it would be faster than this considering it was content already made. How many months has it been, and not a single world event? They were happening so fast back in original Rift, I recall being genuinely impressed..but now I am just assuming we're not going to get any at all, because they'd probably be too much work even if they still existed code-wise? (Damn you, Gritty Kitty and spectral horse. You'll never be mine T_T).

    I haven't left yet, but I am not a raider ,and the PvP just feels bad (Too few people, too not fun). I am not sure what to keep plugging away at other than my dimension, dailies, artifact hunting and ...crafting? That's not going to hold me for long though. Honestly, I'm one good MMO release away from going. Thankfully Bless seems to be terribad, so I'm still here.

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