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    Default Population is declining heavily especially in low level zones

    Today I decided to start an alt warrior. I leveled through freemarch and reached lvl 20 but didn't see a single person in that zone. Now people will say that all of the players already leveled through that area and most are lvl 40+ but what about new players? This is the 2nd month of Prime... there should be a huge influx of new players coming into this game.
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    I'm not really sure how defending yourself and bashing Trion are in any way similar things but, well, another case of a justified mute.
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    Also going to lock this thread since you changed it from the title.

    But protesting that you were simply "defending yourself" from a "your mom" joke when you report history is filled with all sorts of vile profanity laced tirades about what various people should do to their fathers...

    Well, please take your time of silence to reflect on your communication choices.
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