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Thread: Softcap values for Level 60 content.

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    Default Softcap values for Level 60 content.

    As you guys know I released softcap value informations for Level 50 and Level 70 contents before, with SL hitting prime level cap raised to 60, which also effected softcap values, this time I didn't bother with hardcap values which most time is unlikely to reach anyways here is softcap values for SL:

    Crit chance softcap: 5670 will result you to get 45% base crit chance which is softcap for it.
    Crit power: 1120 will let you reach softcap on it which is 40%.
    Guard: 1266 will let you reach softcap which is 10%.
    Block: 3534 will let you reach softcap which is 45% base block chance.
    Dodge: 9423 will let you reach hardcap which is 40%. There is no softcap on dodge.

    Even thou sigils became active with SL using banners for crit power still more reliable because softcap is 1120 and sigil is increasing 3% of your base crit power, 3% of 1000 is around 30 and sigil will give you 60 crit power since 60 is bigger than 30 which is exact amount banner also giving so for saving money of your guild using banners still good idea till NMT hits the prime, basically you need 1060 base crit power to reach soft cap before raid buffs.

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    Thanks Aileen!
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    Very nice, thanks Could you maybe add the values for 50 and 70 as well in the starting post? Just so we have a complete overview over the respective levels

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