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Thread: Noob with only a cheap laptop and dsl

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    Exclamation Noob with only a cheap laptop and dsl

    Hello, I am new to the MMO world. I started playing Rift recently and I really enjoy it but I ran into issues with other users because I cannot perform at the same level as them. I'm a poor student and only have a laptop which can just handle Rift's requirements. To make matters worse, I use a shared DSL Wi-Fi that usually runs at 200kbps, so my games freezes frequently for a few seconds and has a lag. I love playing the game and I am learning how my character's role Works in different situations. I have done research on the specs and how to improve my character, but no matter what I do it does not seem to be enough when I play with public users and dungeons. Instead of starting off with a plan, the party we'll jump into fighting and then someone, usually the tank, will comment that I am not doing enough dps and escalate to asking me if I plan to do anything, say I shouldn't be dpsing, and kicking me out of the party at times. It has gotten to the point where I can't even do a dungeon with a public group anymore. Is there anything I can do to get experience in dungeons as a new MMO player and without getting b****ed at or kicked out? As a new player, and a very poor student, I want to be able to learn the game better so that I can increase my skills without high tech equipment. I get that there are hardcore gamers with high-tech desktops and internet, but that doesn't give them the right to exclude me from the game. Something needs to be done to allow new players to have access to the full experience on Prime.
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    You usually will find a lot of people in MMOs that are very competitive and will hold members of their group/raid to a certain standard. I think your best bet would be to try to find a friendly, casual guild that doesn't mind helping out players with less than optimal playing conditions. You might consider posting in the guild recruitment forum and see if you get any responses there. Good luck.

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    I'll second what Ellekat said. Unless it's a progression raid your personal DPS shouldn't be a huge deal.

    That said if you're doing PUG dungeons you'll run into all sorts of different types no matter what game you're playing. Be sociable and see if you can run with guildmates who understand your situation.

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    Default Hulp

    Theres a lot you can do to increase performance/decrease network lag/traffic. If you want i can run you through some troubleshooting to reduce your lag issues. Just add me ingame, Murp

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    for game settings and low fps..

    basically, go menubar, settings > video settings

    the main thing is not playing on high settings..
    you can mouse over the several setting bars in the screen. it should tell you if it is CPU intensive or GPU intensive
    CPU.. basically your processor.. the speed your laptop runs on
    GPU.. your graphics.. for laptop usually not a separate graphics card.
    You can turn off some of those effects without hindering your visual experience too much.. or just lower some settings
    this should make the game run at a more comfortable fps/latency speed.

    For dps.. While levelling, try to find the gear you can afford and that goes with your level. There is an adventure dealer in your main city (Sanctum/Meridian) that offers planar gear you can buy with void stones and/or planarite.
    It helps to get a planar focus/sourcestone with 5 slots for 1000 planarite while levelling.. you can add lesser planar essences to the greater essence slots.

    Currently some combinations of souls work better for dps/damage than other combinations.. check on forum for a guide on the class you play. usually for dps, the builds with a damage pet are pretty good for questing.

    You can get an addon called riftmeter from curseforge. Running that while fighting a dummy in the training yard (sanctum/meridian) can tell you your dps and what casts/abilities do the most damage in your routine.

    for routines.. check your abilities and in what order you use them. casting 3 abilities that last 25, 15 and 5 seconds before casting your big damage abilities can be good.. but you'll need to watch the cooldowns and duration.. there is no use in casting the 5s one first and the others after that before you cast the dps ability.. since by then, you will only have 1 or 2 secs left on that 5s damage boost.

    some casts are channels that hit more targets when the channel lasts longer... there is not much use using that for a single target, usually casts for multiple targets have a heap of damage split over multiple targets, making the damage per target lower.

    guides are usually based on level 50, but the guides usually tell you why casts, cast orders and buffs are used. This knowledge can help you chosing how to spend your levelling points.

    For dungeons.. there is a level requirement in looking for groups to join for certain dungeons. It is preferable to be at least 1 or 2 levels higher than that minimum, since those 2 levels do make a difference in your stats and dps.

    hope this helps a little finding your way in game and dungeons.

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    My advice is... While your gear isn't great heal along as people aren't dying excluding players standing in fire you're doing a good job. Once you have gear and addons do dps again.

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    Default laptops and gaming

    Another general suggestion for gaming. Unless you have a heavy wallet, you will get a lot more gaming bang for your buck from desktop as opposed to laptop computers. For the price of a laptop which will barely be able to handle current games, you can get a desktop computer that will run all but the most demanding games at high settings. The portability and size of laptops comes at a price in cost and efficiency. In addition, laptops are all but impossible to upgrade. OTOH, you can upgrade an old desktop several times and fairly affordably.
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