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Thread: .... Warrior... range?!?!

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    Default .... Warrior... range?!?!

    Seems that all or most of the patch on warrior soul were done.
    That left us with few "predetermine" viable soul.
    BM is an excellent support,
    Lib is just amazing for raid healing,
    Warchanter and all his combination for more specific situation/target.
    Tank: more then ok.
    Dps... paragon, and Champion if AOE, then ... paragon, some other paragon and... nothing else especially if range. Paragon is pretty good, can handle "disconnection", "Flurry" and "Grasping the horizon" but is not and will never be a range soul.
    Said that.. well there's circumstance where you can/should deal with a loss of DPS expecially if that will keep you alive.
    When you are dead your dps is identically = 0.
    I give a multiple check @ reaver soul but i can't find any decent result
    Not mean that there's not, only that i can't find.
    the classic 51 T, 15 R, 0 P seems not reach any target
    i've try 41T, 21 R, 0 P

    At beginnig I struggle to find how manage rotation since without Dual Pulse is not that easy (for me) fit "charged pulse" on proper rotation.
    If you still have any doubt "THIS IS NOT A GUIDE" is just a share of what i come up with,
    Since i'm pretty sure that out there there's smarter guys that has better idea i start this in order to check some other (better) idea.
    rotation should be something like:
    Necrotic Wonds
    Skyfall (I know: only 2 Att point)
    Lighting Torrent
    Dire corruption
    Soul Sickness
    CP (charged pulse)
    Double Pulse
    SF (Skyfall)
    Delayed Pulse
    Double P

    Looks weird but it can be macroed pretty easy and...
    i can't find nothing better that that.
    I can add macro, detailed spec if nobody else have a better idea...
    I mean i find myself try to survive to Hylas on male or shut at him easily and safely from distance.
    I completely understand that a proper manage paragon dps is way higher but not so much ppl can manage that safely and keep high dps at same time.
    Looking to the future (assuming that rift will have one) sooner or later we will have to face Silgen once again.
    Do we want arrive there with only one viable dps spec?
    I really hope that somebody have a better answer then mine.
    Please fell free to criticize as as much necessary in order to teach me (and to all other warriors) a better "range" way
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