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Thread: Gearing Guide - approaching 50 and at 50

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    Default Gearing Guide - approaching 50 and at 50

    As you are leveling up and approaching level 50,
    keep in mind the following:
    • The daily log-in rewards progress through many helpful and usable items or currencies, such as Planarite/Void Stone bags, x5 or x10 IRCs, Rune Unsocketing items, and a bag full of at-level food and crafting mats. Log in each day (even if you don't play) and you will earn these items asap. They range from somewhat helpful to very necessary for progression.
    • Do zone events that you come across while leveling. Do not feel forced to do every single one you come across, but they help. The Planarite lets you purchase newer souls which may be strong while leveling. You can also purchase a Focus, at-level lessers and gear that will make you more powerful right now. At 50 you will need large amounts of Planarite and Void Stones, but be aware that you earn reduced amounts at lower levels (and therefore higher amounts at max level).
    • 40-50 is a long process, don't get discouraged. Try to do each quest within 2 levels of it's level, since the mobs you fight will deal significantly more / take significantly less damage if they are 3 levels above you. You will also get reduced experience if you are too many levels above them.
    • Fill in the rest of your exp needs with as many dungeon runs as you can stomach. King's Breach, Runic Descent, Lantern Hook and AP are all great experience if you are in their level range. The quests inside provide some experience and possibly some item upgrades too. PVP can be decent experience as well, if queues are popping and you have quests there.
    • There are no better Back slot items available than the ones obtained in [I]2 separate Shimmersand quests[/u]. I suggest getting them when you're the appropriate level to quest there, and make sure you don't sell them accidentally!

    Now that you've reached 50,
    you should take a look at your equipped items... they are probably a very ugly combination of random leveling gear, pvp gear, maybe the mid-level set, some dungeon loot, and even some super special outliers that you completely forgot about and somehow are still level 22, like I had. So, let's talk about gearing up!

    Earrings: Yours are probably garbage unless you've purchased or made them while leveling or found quests that I didn't. Check with your Artificer friends or the AH for some level 50 green or blue earrings. Be warned: they may be expensive for a fresh 50.

    Seal: Craft or buy a blue Seal slot item, if you don't have one yet (hopefully an augmented one). May be expensive, but it's Best in Slot for the time being.

    Check your Hit rating - if possible, buy gear with Planarite that has Hit rating, or buy Hit rating runes to make up the difference.

    You should generally expect to progress through gearing in this manner:

    expert dungeons (50 hit needed) ->
    expert rifts ->
    raid rifts ->
    DH / GP (10m raid) ->
    GSB (20m raid - 120 hit needed)


    Individual Reward Charge: max 15 - Each day you are allowed 1 expert dungeon loot per boss, and each week(?) you are allowed 2 raid loots per boss (DH / GP). These may not win you items, so to gear up faster you can spend 1 charge per expert dungeon boss and 2 or more per raid boss on extra kills to force a bonus roll. These are earned through crafitng dailies, daily log-in calendar rewards, and by defeating a zone event's final boss.

    Planarite: Buys souls that are un-available at first. There is some non-50 gear that has Hit rating on it, to get you started towards your goal of 50. Also buys a 6-slot Focus (7500 Planarite), lures for expert rifts (1750 Planarite) and raid rifts (3500 Planarite).
    The fastest way to farm is from the events that spawn footholds all over the zone, the events that try to take over wardstones by spawning invasions constantly, and tagging event bosses. Footholds seem to drop ~100 planarite per, while an invasion only drops ~34. Any zone event content will earn you planarite, but closing rifts generally takes longer and may stop invasions from spawning in some events.

    Void Stones: These are spent on expert vendor gears, vendor lesser essences, and many other things at 50. They are currently only obtained from defeating zone event bosses, as well as other sources like named monsters in some zones, some daily quests and normal and expert dungeons.
    The fastest way to farm is quickly chaining expert dungeons with a pre-made group and also defeating all event bosses that you can.

    Sigil of Primal Valor: This is used to purchase notoriety for any zone's reputation, which can help you bump your gear up quickly upon reaching 50 if you have done enough dungeons to earn them while leveling.

    Primal Plaque of Achievement: These marks are used to buy the expert gear that used to drop from bosses, which is sold now from vendors in your capital city.

    18 + 1000 Void Stones for a blue
    24 + 1500 Void Stones for an epic

    For the most part, stick to the epics. Largest upgrades will be Weapons (get the set for Warrior/Rogue), the ring set for mage / cleric and trinkets. As you run experts you will get blue and purple drops. Fill in slots that you are unlucky/unable to get a random epic with good stats on through expert dungeons.

    Artisan's Mark / Master Craftsman's Mark : These are from crafting daily/weekly quests and are mostly more of a slow burn, they will not have an immediate benefit. You will accumulate marks and can purchase recipes. If you are a crafter, there are some upgrades to be found at 300. Some other recipes are expert dungeon boss drops.

    Primal Mark of Ascension: These are dropped from the 10-man slivers and 20-man GSB raid, and should be used in a similar manner to the way that the dungeon dropped currency was used.

    Some other specifics:

    Lesser essences: I would suggest sticking with the level 45-48-ish greens and blues that you get from the bags in Shimmersand and Stillmoor events at first. These are very expensive to upgrade early on and you most likely don't have the void stones to spare yet on blues and epics (since they are needed to buy gear as well). You may buy:

    1600 planarite lvl 45 lessers at the Rare Planar Goods vendor
    1500 planarite + 4,000 Void Stone lvl 50 blue (unique-equipped) lesser from each elemental faction vendor
    2500 planarite + 10,000 Void Stone lvl 50 epic (unique-equipped) lesser from each elemental faction vendor
    also Favor lessers from the PVP vendors

    you may also get blue lessers as drops from expert rifts and epic lessers as drops from raid rifts. There are couple for each class that are non-unique and you can equip multiples of them!

    Notoriety: aka reputation grind. Hopefully you completed a lot of events and quests along the way, which will have helped you move up the various reputation levels. The zone rep vendors have some great item enchants and entry-level 50 gears. Check your notoriety, check the vendors, and decide what to spend the Sigils on, which you have earned and will continue to earn in dungeons. Suggest Mathos / Dragonslayer first, if they can get you a decent item upgrade or enchant. The element rep vendors will require you to farm events of that element to be able to purchase the lures to open expert and raid rifts, and also sell some good lesser essences.

    That was a little longer than I expected. Hope it helps!
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    Nice guide, I feel like pvp lessers (for starting up), the pvp essence holder (+25 endurance or +10 endurance), along with the 3 BiS pvp runes should be mentioned here. One very easy (but somewhat tedious) way to gear up quickly for 50 is to buy the favor gear. One hit rune, favor gear, and a decent warfront lockbox helmet and you're good to go for experts.
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