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    Exclamation Vigil Shard and the fact that everyone there is a paying member.


    So, it's a bit concerning, that there's over an hour long queue.

    Personally, I think overall it's great, but, some of us are trying to build our guild and get leveled and plan guild events, with a 400 player and 1 hour queue, a lot of people are just leaving queue and not playing.

    What are the chances that the server cap will be raised, or maybe even a second Prime shard if this continues longer than expected?

    I mean, you could still leave the servers connected together so everyone can play together.

    Also, maybe bring back the AFK Kicker.

    Here's a link to a thread covering player concerns:
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    Moved this to the appropriate section of the forums and closing it, because discussion is already on another thread. Please refrain from starting multiple threads with the same topic, please.

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