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    Quote Originally Posted by baitmask View Post
    In today's (yesterday's) stream, the developers confirmed they'll give us a third character with the release of GSB. They had stated plans were originally to give us 2 characters with the release of Storm Legion, but it didn't make sense to them to give us new characters to level at the same time as they released new content. But since GSB isn't the same as an expansion, it makes sense to expand characters.
    They additionally stated the reason for 2 at the start was to limit crafting, however bonkers of a reason that may be, but because so many players are now capped on crafting, it's less of a concern. Again, baffling what kind of science is behind that.

    Still, we're getting a third character slot soon. Go cheer the devs on for that stated, upcoming change!

    Remember to queue for pvp while you are leveling your new chars!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrionBrasse View Post
    I am the world's leading altoholic (I have the max possible 13 chars on my home server and yes... a few more besides.

    Still, I acknowledge this as a design decision. You can't be the swiss army knife of independence on Vigil. You do have to form relationships with others, especially guilds, to tackle the server progression and challenges of this RIFT Prime server.

    I settled on a Rogue for Brasse, as that is a calling I've never played past level 20 or so - it's about TIME... and a Warrior for my anonymous alt, because ye gods I love smacking mobs in the face.

    As ever, I remind my fellow players that it is impossible to suit every gameplay preference in one game. On this iteration of Prime, we are going for some hard core, old-school challenges which behoove us all to focus a bit more and cooperate a bit more.

    Need a dozen alts? They await you on Live!
    <hugs her alts>
    Since when does tradeskilling require you to have to speak to someone else? When/if you have to buy mats from another player you just go and buy them from some person with no face on the market long as they are the lowest seller at the moment of purchase.

    By placing a 2 toon limit you kida kill the low end game for group finder and pvp at the lowest brackets. With more people making alts you add more to the pool for low level groups.

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