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    @Brasse @Salvatorix

    Please please PLEASE - can we have dimension entry point changers on Prime.

    surely it is not too hard to add that item to the sell list of the npc Keith Chapman (who sells the stashes and dim item boxes for void stones)?

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    I agree, if you could put these in that would be really great. Us dimensioneers miss that a lot.

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    Default Dimension Entry Point Changer

    It would be wonderful if you could add in the dimension entry point changer <3 This would make those of us who love the Rift Dimensions soooo happy You could charge us void stones or planarite? Simple things that make us happy and make our Dimensions such wonderful places .

    Thank you so much for all that you do ,

    Ravenserenity , Guild leader of Allumination on Prime & Live

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    Default Maybe an explanation would help?

    @Salvatrix or @Brasse

    Regarding dimension items categorized as "Services" on Live, is there a specific reason (technical, time/resources issue, or otherwise) they can't be added to the Prime Store?

    I'm talking specifically about:
    Dimension Entry Point 90 credits
    Forest Mailbox 450 credits
    Bank/Guild Vault 450 credits

    You already offer extra dimension slots and item count levels via credits, so having credit purchases on the store for dimension items would be acceptable, I would think.

    But I would love to hear what you have to say. I know you are all juggling 10 balls at once these days - but I would love to know if we are one of those....errrr....balls
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