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    Default New dim items on rift store

    I notice quite a few new items on the rift store but the plat cost is prohibitive for prime economy. Will these items be included in the random selection that we can get from the void stone boxes we can buy from the vendor?

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    Default I almost wept.....

    ...when looking at some of the new items listed. The Arcane stuff and "Old Wood" stuff is in a style I have wanted for a very long time.....and at 120 plat for the cheapest, I will never ever be able to buy it. 400 plat for a table isn't going to happen. Sure, I could eventually buy ONE very special thing, but it would sit alone in a dimension because I would be too broke to buy what it goes with.

    Yes, yes, we have amply shown that we can build beautiful dims on Prime with our very limited resources, and many of us have enjoyed the challenge....but I really am not sure why the message isn't getting through to the devs that the economy on Prime is NOT like that on Live, and Live prices on Prime are an insult.

    The Rift store on Prime is very different from Live, so why can't prices be different? Are they actually separate entities, or is Prime just a restricted version of Live? If, in the future, Vigil gets merged into Live, we can change the store back to the default setting - but until then, it is puzzling to me that it can't be Prime specific in prices and items.

    What about using planarite as a dimension item currency?

    I was trying to explain to my husband the other night why I'm paying a monthly subscription for Prime where I get LESS of an experience than on the f2p server. As a subscriber on Live, I get perks up the wazoo....but none on Prime (i'm not counting the log-in calendar since both Prime and Live have it).

    As dimensions are my focus, the Rift store economy fantasy is pushing me back to f2p, back to Live. Furthermore, I've learned that I can get everything I need w/o paying a subscription, so for the first time in a very long while, I may go without.

    No dire statements here though, no threats. I'm patient, I love Rift and I love the idea of Prime. Just doing some "deep thinking" while waiting for the looting and event reward fixes to be done.
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    Those prices are 4x what was intended! They will be corrected in next week's patch. I should have caught that faster but... well this week had much larger fires.

    That said, even at 1/4, I know those prices are high for Prime, but doing manual cost overrides for Prime is a VERY tedious thing, so doing so for dimension items would be many days of just adding price overrides and not working on many other issues.

    But seriously - unless you need those new items NOW, wait until next Wednesday to buy them.
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    good to know prices will change even if they will still hit prime dimensioneers pockets hard.

    however it doesnt answer my original question - inclusion of new items in the loot table for the void stone boxes available from the vendor? surely this is possible?

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