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Thread: Why craft?

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    Default Why craft?

    I am lvl 300 apoth(main) armor/weapon/tailor(alt)
    my question is why?

    other than raid consumables there isn't a single item that can be crafted that isn't replaced doing experts at lvl 50
    AND virtually EVERY semi decent recipie takes a core or a catalyst, AND endless dust which make them all useless to craft
    even augments, 6 endless dust at 8p ea? are you friggin crazy, spend at least 40plat or 6 hours of farming to get enough dust to make 1 augment to make an item that takes an 80p catalyst (some 2,3 or even 4!!) when you replace it on your 3rd expert?

    I stopped crafting other than consumables, just doesn't make any sense

    don't get me wrong, crafting is and always has been a part of my MMO gaming, I feel like I am spending my time with crafting out of habit and not for any in game gain.
    do dailys to get marks to MAYBE get lucky and get a master mark to buy a recipie that I cannot make, and would NEVER spend the mats on to make.
    if maybe you fixed endless dust drop rate, and made minor catalyst an item that wasn't like 5 on entire shard going for 80p ea
    those with the couple crafts that actually make money(rc, apoth(which I do have) are fine, even tho the conversion form lvl 50 blue to upgrade purp takes dust so I don't imagine anyone but min/max'ers will make the upgrade for that extra 1/2 a pct

    back on topic,
    just saying that crafting ISN'T rewarding in any way the ONLY items my 300 skill is getting me is whetstones, insoles bags, etc
    so now I just farm and sell mats and only bother with maybe an item here and there.

    so feedback to Trion, fix/upgrade drop rates to make things viable
    currently crafting is useless for anything other than consumables
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    From Runi / Outfitters view, I can confirm that.
    The outfitter is absolutely useless except for the pockets and soles.
    I once built the seal for myself, uhh.
    The recipes are all values technically underground, but prices are not affordable.
    Well, I use it all in fabric and leather I have for Runenmats.

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    I just did gathering trades, the only trade I have seen of use thus far are Runecrafting for runes, Artificing for jewelry, Apothecary for potions, Armorsmith for enhancements, Weaponsmith for enhancements, Outfitter for enhancements, Fishing cannot get the fish needed for feast of comprimise, Survivalist craft feasts but have to fight for AH fish for feast of comprimise

    If enhancements didnt need the mats butchering mining and foraging provide I wouldnt even need those, and yet we got held back to two characters and a 3 skill cap because they were worried we wouldnt have an economy if players were crafting self sufficient, not that the hard core players could be with two accounts anyway

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    I craft because I enjoy it.

    For a very specific reason, I've got almost everything leveled to 300 (Fish, Surv, Apoth, DW, Outf, Mining, Foraging, Butchering). If we got a 3rd slot, I'd bring on Art, Armor, and Rune.

    Why? Mostly because I wanted the Dimension recipes that can be purchased for each craft. I rely on them heavily since dimension items are hard to get in-game (no minions bringing stashes on Prime).

    I really wish more folks with invest in the extra dimension item recipes that are available so they could sell the product on the AH. Those stone squares, wood rectangles, etc., are invaluable to builders.
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    There are multiple items, for cleric at least, that are bis or near bis from crafting.

    Purple Chest (2 cats), Blue Gloves (1 cat), Blue Boots (1 cat?), Blue Wand (1 cat) are all as good or better than current raid gear.

    The wand is the only one I have on hand, as it's the only one far and away better than other wands obtainable...

    ...vs the wand drop from Uruluuk, the final boss of GP. Crafted wand kicks the stuff out of the raid wand. There's an expert wand with 15 spell power but it's much worse than 10 sp/9 cp.
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