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Thread: Outfitter/Runecrafter, recipe to aim for ?

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    Default Outfitter/Runecrafter, recipe to aim for ?

    I just recently hit both of these professions at 300 and I am wondering which patterns I should aim my crafting marks at.

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    Are you


    Depending on what is better for your class, you do not make so much money with your own sales.

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    Default best recipies

    umm, first off the outfitter recipes are all nice and what, but also most have them so not gonna make much off them, the augments or the seal are good, now runecrafter is much more viable for endgame, cause everyone is gonna need runes and new gear usually means new runes, so keep that in mind, and as far as what, well, DPS is king, so dps runes for melee and casters ALWAYS sell other than that MAKE SURE to read the fine print, meaning, CHECK THE MATS! good portion of them nice recipes take major catalyst, which you MIGHT find 1 of in ah for 50-75p not realistic as no-=one is spending 100p for gear, also many of the zone drop or rep recipes take things like dead core, or shimmering core, IF you can find one they bout 15-20p ea, heck not uncommon for them to be 25p ea, so keep that in mind for how much you think you can get for finished item
    the best options are the zone rep recipes and some of the beginner blues for lvl 50 that can be made, things like wayward breeches cost bout 8p to make and sell for 20 etc but mostly it comes down to LOOK AT THE MATS so you know what your getting into

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    I can't speak on runecrafting, but to build up your financial base, bags always sell and sell way over cost to make from my experience. Spellspun is usually your highest profit margin, Witchweave if you're able to farm your own dusts.

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