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Thread: crafter weekly/GM marks can a dev answer questions please

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    Default crafter weekly/GM marks can a dev answer questions please

    1- is there a "weekly" crafting quest ?
    does it yield master mark, or like SL and above, is it for a lure?

    2-considering the number of purchasable 300 tier recipes is there going to be anything implemented for us to generate a stream of GM marks to buy these recipes?
    currently I have indeed seen some master recipes in use, I personally have only seen a gm mark drop as a random reward from daily chest

    3- currently the DAILY for weapon/armor master takes 12-16 orich bars and the spawn nodes for them are VERY limited without EI. Is it possible to reduce that to 1 bar per click instead of 3 or 4 bars per click?
    (note the ones in far west of freemarch are being camped by lvl 10-20')
    from my own mining I think its around 10 total spawns ea in stillmore and shimmersand

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    Master marks and GM marks can also be purchased off the specialty crafting merchants in the crafting area of your town. It takes 400 crafting marks to buy 1 master mark and 35 masters to buy 1 GM mark.
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    orichalcum can also be mined from level 50 mineable mobs, there are loads of these in the super hard areas of shimmersand (dunes of akala) and stillmoor (caer mathos)
    however, by far the easiest way to mine orichalcum is with a few runs of deepstrike mines, after killing the 4th boss you will go down into the extra area added for expert mode and you will find loads of mineable mobs.
    you can aslo occasionally find orichalcum nodes in chalmers caldera and abyssal precipice
    the same can be said for soulhide and shadethorn too (tho realm of the fae would be the dungeon of choice there)

    TLDR: the open world nodes are not the only source!

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