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Thread: lvl 38 and lvl48 Dream Orbs Debate

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    Default lvl 38 and lvl48 Dream Orbs Debate

    I want to debate the main reason "why" the Lesser and Median Dream Orbs are not activated in Prime

    -Promotes leveling Dream Weaver
    -Promotes to makes Dimension Items
    -Players spend more time having fun with making dimensions thus, players spend more time in game
    -Artifacts become more rare to get since breaking them in Dream Ribbons
    -More items in AH thus more Plat transaction and more AH fees
    -Another money sink in-game which Trion loves
    -Orbs add stats to items to help balance out lowbie players to play with higher lvl friends/guildies/LFG/etc
    -Orbs already set to lvl38 and lvl48 and the original reason was specifically made for leveling toons, and now we have Prime...
    -these Orbs were Never crafted or used in Live because stats increase on em them were kind of useless cause of speed leveling on Live it was not worth the mats/time/effort. Now since we dont have speed leveling methods on Prime....
    -Super simple to Adjust the value of stats received on items to balance stats IF stats are too low or too high, even if its already applied on gear.
    -Dream Weaver is 1 of the 3 Crafting Skills you can learn which makes Professions learned More Spead out in-game, thus more Prime crafters community interaction.

    -Insert Here, I Have None.

    I honestly cannot find any negative impact with Dream Orbs being used.
    i have more positive things to say about the benefits of lvl38 and 48 Dream Orbs but why not start with the points mentioned above.
    Please give feedback because this is one thing i wish we had.

    And another thing, it only took a few days for peeps to reach lvl48. so lets say in average in 1 week or 2 most will already be lvl50. These two items again were made to help leveling players, NOT to balance "end game" content, its the reason why Trion made them lvl38 and lvl48, as per your own old old posts in forums when Orbs were first introduced on Live(too lazy to get the thread link). At that Point, adding a few stat values on gear is almost to late to make a difference anyways. and even IF they add too much stats for lvl50 content, shouldn't Trion battle this issue ASAP instead of pushing it until like Ember Isle?
    This is already TLR worthy so ill wait and post more reasons later on.
    Rule#1 Have Fun
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