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Thread: [Guide] Chlorofk™ Prime (PvE - Dungeons and Raids)

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    Default [Guide] Chlorofk™ Prime (PvE - Dungeons and Raids)

    Feeling the squeeze of too-few role slots? Tired of having to respec for every boss? Disappointed that you spent 50,000 planarite on a soul as boring as Frostkeeper? Tired of watching your friends die even though you're hitting them with something as invigorating and life-restoring as "Frozen Wind"?

    I've got you covered.

    Strengths: Best tank-healing and top-tier raid healing. Brings FK's active mitigation for tanks. Spot heals for days. Very flexible for dealing with both sustained and burst damage.
    Weaknesses: Pretty poor mobility, though no worse than any other healing spec.

    Alt build: [41 Chloromancer / 25 Frostkeeper / 0 Arbiter]
    (Gains Living Energy and Healing Torrent, but you lose the crucial Rhythm of Earth. Telluric Burst is still worth using, but for ST you'll be mostly spamming NH to get BoL stacks for Nature's Touch and Healing Torrent. Only recommended for 20-mans when you have really whiny Riftstalkers or a Warchanter.)

    The Basics
    (Skip this section if you're already familiar with basic Chloromancer and Frostkeeper mechanics.)

    Key Chloromancer Mechanics

    Veils are the core of Chloromancer gameplay. They allow the caster to use Chloromancer's damaging abilities to proc heals in a radius around them (NOT around the target). The size of the heal is based on the base cast time of the spell: the longer the cast time, the bigger the heal.

    Lifegiving Veil is used to heal groups, affecting up to 10 targets at a time. Lifebound Veil heals up to 5 targets, but for much less, unless they have your Synthesis buff applied. Ruin, Nature's Touch, and Void Life (unavailable in this build) proc significantly higher heals on your Synthesis target. When Nature's Corrosion (tier 2) is spec'd, the first tick of the DOT effect will proc your Veils as an instant-cast ability. Bear in mind:
    • Synthesis cannot be applied to yourself.
    • Players with active Veils cannot heal one another with Veil healing.
    • Non-Chloromancer abilities will generate drastically less healing from Veils, and deal reduced damage when a Veil is active.

    Boon of Life (tier 5 talent) allows you to gain a stacking buff from casting Ruin, Vile Spores, Natural Healing, or Void Life (unavailable in this build). It stacks up to 5 times and reduces the cast time of Nature's Touch (with 2.5s cast, it's your biggest heal from Veils) by 0.5s per stack (3 stacks = 1s cast, 5 stacks = instant cast).

    Entropic Veil is the primary Charge mechanic, and can be toggled off of global cooldown. It increases your damage done and the healing done by Chloromancer abilities (it does NOT affect Frostkeeper abilities). The bonus to damage is calculated when a cast finishes, while the bonus to healing is calculated when a cast lands. This is important to remember, because Ruin, Vile Spores, and Nature's Touch all have travel time.

    Key Frostkeeper Mechanics

    Frostkeeper is a much more "traditional" healer, relying mostly on strong, direct-cast heals and its powerful Barrier buffs to provide unmatched healing throughput on a single target.

    Frostkeeper's Armor, applies a shield any time you use a single-target direct heal on a target. Additionally, the Stewardship talent (tier 2) causes single-target direct heals to apply a 6% active mitigation buff to the target for 10s. It is extremely important to keep this buff up on an active tank.

    Barriers are unique buffs that Frostkeepers can apply to themselves or group members which grant unique effects. Only one Barrier can be active on any given target at a time (they can each be active on different targets simultaneously):
    • Earthen Barrier is the strongest, healing the target each time they take damage. This is usually your go-to Barrier for the main tank.
    • Frost Barrier applies a moderate shield to its target every 5 seconds.
    • Crystalline Barrier applies a small shield to its target every time you use a single-target direct heal (on any target).

    Rhythm of Earth (tier 6) applies a two-stack buff each time you cast Telluric Burst (max stack is two). Each stack allows you to cast Earthen Renewal (single-target, very strong) or Frozen Wind (5-target AOE, very weak) with a 1s cast time and 1s GCD.

    General Usage
    • Use Frostkeeper's Armor. And Aqueous Blessing, if you have it, so you can stand in more fire to finish that Vile Spores cast.
    • Use Frost Barrier on tank if tank damage is moderate or low. Use Crystalline Barrier on tank if tank damage is high. Throw Earthen Barrier on the off-tank or in the trash can or something.
    • Use Telluric Burst to keep up Stewardship (6% active damage reduction) on the tank. Resurgence can be used to keep the buff on a second target, or if Telluric isn't quite enough to keep the main tank tethered to this side of the soul stream. For maximum single-target sustained healing, Synth the tank (with Crystalline Barrier). Use Earthen Renewal with your Rhythm of Earth stacks and weave Chloro single-target heals (with Entropic Veil) in between: Bloom (for burst damage), Resurgence (when not taking damage), and Natural Healing (maintenance healing). When Natural Healing gets you to 3-4 stacks of Boon of Life, you can use Nature's Touch for another big heal. For predictable damage (e.g., Boulder of Destruction) you can time Ruin or Nature's Touch to land at the same time as an Earthen Renewal or Bloom for some truly impressive burst. Don't forget: Wild Growth increases ALL CHLORO HEALING -- including Natural Healing and Essence Surge.
    • Use Lifegiving Veil and the usual Ruin / Vile Spores / Nature's Touch abilities to DPS and group heal, with Wild Growth and Flourish for burst AOE healing. Nature's Fury is your only cleave damage. Keep up Withering Vine and Radiant Spores on the target (put Withering Vine on multiple targets if available, up to 3). Toggle Entropic Veil for additional damage and/or healing or if you're a spaz and just have to press something.
    • Use Earthen Renewal with Rhythm of Earth stacks (from casting Telluric Burst), Bloom, and Resurgence to spot heal the tank and the group. If necessary, Natural Healing can be used as well, but favor the instant casts -- they benefit the most from Healing Balance's GCD reduction (as do Flourish and Nature's Cleansing).
    • Infuse Magic is your best single-target healing cooldown (GODMODE+), and can be used to keep tanks up in an emergency or for predictable targeted boss mechanics (e.g., Anrak's eye beam). Watch your Charge bar! Essence Surge is also a great panic-button.
    • Synthesis, which is off the GCD, can be used to quickly set yourself up for a big burst heal on a tank or other group member. Remember that Ruin and Nature's Touch proc much bigger heals on your LBV's Synthesis target. This can be helpful if you don't have enough Charge for Infuse Magic.
    • Don't forget Frozen Ground! It's a powerful CC ability for those large trash packs that swarm tanks like ants at a picnic. It can really help reduce incoming damage.

    • Get the Blighted Chloromancer's Crystal 4-piece ASAP. Radiant Spores has no ICD, so a 10% increased proc chance makes a massive difference.
    • For simplicity's sake I've been using stat weights of: INT 1.25, SP 1, SC 0.33, WIS 0.25.
    • The Uncorrupted Ancient Life Wand (expert, Ragnoth the Despoiler in Iron Tomb) is BIS; for hit purposes, you'll want to pick up the Wand of Excess (raid, Thalguur in Gilded Prophecy). The uptime on 3 stacks of the Uncorrupted's proc is pretty much 100%.
    • Trinket: Lost Favor (expert, Atrophinius in Runic Descent) -> Lifebound Relic (raid, from Hylas). No, ShoE is not worth it.
    • None of the currently-available Greater essences are worth using.

    Overall Effectiveness

    10/10 Tank healing (1-2 targets). Even full Frostkeeper falls short.
    9/10 Raid healing (10+ targets). It lacks the mit of Lib or Phys, but burst and sustained raw healing is top-tier, and it's hard to think of a better spot healer.
    2/10 Group utility. You can adjust to pick up a thing or two, but it usually gimps the spec. Brings the bare minimum, brez and cleanse, and no damage buffs.
    1/10 Personal DPS (overall). It only avoids a 0/10 because it does do damage.
    7/10 Personal DPS (relative). That said, it puts out more personal DPS than any other (Mage) healing option which doesn't sacrifice healing throughput.



    I strongly recommend the Gadgets Addon, specifically for the Raid Frames gadget (I use HealFrame). This will improve your responsiveness to cleansable debuffs (frames change color) and make it much easier to track and maintain your HOTs and Stewardship buff.

    And of course what kind of guide would this be without the obligatory Twitch plu- I mean, gameplay footage! Yeah!

    Questions? Comments? Condescending sophisms? Post here for snarky one-liners and possibly even an answer!
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    Awesome work!

    Missed an obvious chance on "Frostmancer" or "Chlorokeeper" though

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    Anything for PvP that may allow us to compete with Warchanter? Or, at least, not be road kill on a push?
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    Updated the builds and changed some of the guide.

    Improved Barriers isn't really worth investing in over other tier 4-5 talents with the nerf to Earthen Barrier. Rime currently doesn't seem to be properly benefiting from Crystalline Resonance (capping at 24%, or 2 points), as best I can tell, while Natural Healing does. And generally FK-heavy builds will do a lot of clipping of their Harmony HOT on ER and Rime anyway. NH has a 24% higher base heal than Rime, gains a full 36% benefit from Crystalline Resonance, and benefits from Entropic Veil's 16% bonus (oh and it's immune to pushback, procs Natural Awareness, and generates more than 2x as much Charge with EV off).

    This means 38 Chloro is actually better ST healing throughput than even 51 FK thanks to the stronger NH heal, Resurgence, and Boon of Life w/ Synthesis. And just to put icing on the cake, thanks to the 1s GCD from Healing Balance, this build's throughput increases further with a 51 Archon in the raid: Natural Healing, Earthen Renewal, and Nature's Touch are all base 2.5s casts (the lower cast time on ER allows you to toggle EV after casting it without clipping your GCD). That brings NH to 1.3s cast, ER to 0.8s (with Rhythm), and makes NT an increase at 2 BoL stacks instead of 3. Remember that every ST heal you use procs Frostkeeper's Armor and Crystalline Barrier.

    There is really no reason in PvE to ever go more than 28 points in Frostkeeper on Prime.
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