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Thread: Warrior leveling

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    Default Warrior leveling

    I am newer to Rift/Prime and I built a warrior because I had a rogue and cleric live. I am looking for feedback as to the best builds for leveling. I am partial to the reaver but ... I hear it negative feedback.
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    this will get you well into your 40's without feeling frustrated. Just be sure to spec to 12 Warlord pretty quickly for the heal and then into paragon to get the shield. Keep those bad boys running and against ST you will rarely drop under 90% and you can solo most elites a level or 2 above you if you play it smart with CDs and extra rift items/pots/scrolls. And yes, use Turn the Blade if you start getting low on energy. I kept it on all the time after 40, the CD bonus actually improves DPS despite the debuff it causes.

    Of course, I'm 49 now and I love this spec against 1 mob at a time, I'm not satisfied with it when I have to fight multiple mobs...2 I can handle, 3 and I am running for my life most likely.

    GL bud, Warrior is a tough road to hoe. And play 48/18 champ/para for AE in dungeons and switch for bosses, he has the beginnings of that in the video as well. You can rock sabs/MA if they aren't really spot on with their rotation.
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