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Thread: Rogue Guide : BardNb 44/22

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    Default Rogue Guide : BardNb 44/22

    Bard / Nightblade (44/22) is an easy and performing support spec. It is really simple to understand and to use, it does good amount of damage and also provide all the important bard buffs. It can be used in dungeon and Raid 10 (with a BM). This spec is fully ranged and cast free.
    This is not optimized for healing

    Talent's Tree : https://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#wn24a8/vgGGla2B54/A

    Debatable Talent's points :

    Macros :

    Spells required on the side :

    - Your 3 Motifs to apply before the pull and to reapply if there is to target to hit for 20 secs.
    - Your 3 debuff Coda, apply all of them if you're the only support. If you are with a BM see talk with him to know if he wants you to use Coda of Jeopardy
    - Riff
    - Verse of Purity
    - Coda of Fury
    - Coda of Wrath
    - Your off soul mobility spell

    Buffs :

    - Hellfire Blades
    - Smoldering Blades
    - Fanfare of Vigor
    - Fanfare of Power
    - Anthem of Glory

    Reapply Fanfares and Anthem dying. (I apply it before every pulls just in case).

    Rotation :

    Start by applying the debuff you need to apply, if you have to apply 0 or 1, do a builder x2 / finisher 3 times (to stack your heat retention)
    After applying your third debuff use Riff and use your burst macro for 15 secs. (If it's aoe mobs, just use the macro to proc your CD then switch to Coda of Fury
    Reaply your buffs after your Virtuoso is over
    Builder / Finisher rotation until you need to apply debuff again.

    1 min cycle to repeat over and over.

    Parse :
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