First, if you find that this build could benefit from a slightly different setup, please let me know. The idea is to be at range when possible and to have significant AOE while also having great utility.

I've tested just about every spec and none delivers better for me than this Sin/Sab spec. Pre level 36 I go Ranger for the boar, then I switched to Bladedancer for the Side Steps.

The idea behind it is simple. Create a spec that does above average dps while not being a glass canon and also having a way out of fights/way to avoid fights outright.

You should always open in stealth, casting expose weakness then Jagged Strike

If you are at 5 combo points, do a satchel charge or Impale (haven't tested which one is better, but feels like satchel charge is), then TIme Bomb, then Satchel Charge

If you are not at 5 combo points, do Fragmentation Sticky Bomb, Detonate, Frag, Det until there. Build a macro for that and throw in Flashbang at the bottom of it for when you run out (this doesn't happen often, but in very long fights will). You can always stay Ranger and use that builder instead of Flashbang.

Remember that Jagged Strike and poisons are don't use them and this spec is below par.

The biggest issue with this spec is dungeons as you'll want to get your Jagged Strikes in...I just use the same strat in there and do decent DPS...typically 2nd, sometimes first. Also, hit%...mobs seem to dodge attacks alot...if they dodge a Time Bomb, it hurts dps pretty badly

The real strength of this spec is that you have unlimited stealth, can "Slip Away" should you be in a bad fight, have ability to Incapacitate for 45 sec (very useful for overpopulated mob density) and heal yourself, all while doing very good DPS.

Remember though, this is not for ULTRA's strictly a leveling build that makes life very easy on your journey