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Thread: Mystic Archer - Elemental Rapture - worth bothering?

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    Default Mystic Archer - Elemental Rapture - worth bothering?

    Just looking for some advice from more experienced folks.

    Been messing with the Elemental Rapture and it really seems like a lot of effort for little reward. It hits hard enough, but temporal shot is very lack luster. I suppose you could have full charges up going in, and then have it so you can use two of them back to back, but then its down till you put the effort into charging it or just use it once every couple mins.

    Seems like a waste of a soul point until Arcane Bolt Storm, but love to hear otherwise.
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    It's a waste right now because #1 skills are disabled, #2 spend your points in a better talent
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    Yeah, you're better off investing the points past 34 (imho) in another tree like Stormcaller. Dance around like a mad man picking up bolts with Elemental Gifts activated, your 3 Elemental Bonds up, and then just keep up Living Storm and Hailstorm down once you get it instant cast. Dumb spec, but very effective, especially against 3-5 targets.
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