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Thread: Need help with Tact. Build please

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    Default Need help with Tact. Build please

    So I have been playing around with the spec, and having a lot of fun. However I dont have a really good idea for a build or proper rotation. I love the channeled burns I can do, but what builders should I be using? When? What Finishers? Any Macros I can set up? Any help would be appreciated!

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    Back on live, way back when, I remember it was just cycling the flamethrowers (one powered the other) and burning off the overcharge debuff. I usually pulled like 3 mobs - but the tactic worked even for single target. Mind you, I was having fun so didn't care about efficiency or speed or stuff like that. I think it Tactician/Rift Stalker/Ranger? replace ranger with MM later on?

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