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Thread: Cleric DPS

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    Default Cleric DPS

    Among these three attributes below what is the order I should choose to maximize the DPS:
    • Damage done
    • Wisdom
    • Spell Power

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    The reason you haven't got a response yet as in all honestly not a lot of people know.

    You won't see any significant differences anyway, but I can understand how you may want to maximise. And the way the soul tree's work you may not have a choice what to get.

    I am assuming you're referring to the soul tree as Wisdom is a primary stat, Spell Power is secondary, so you will never have to choose 1 over another in terms of gear.

    From what I've been told then:

    1. Wisdom
    2. Spell Power
    3. Damage

    But this all depends on your current gear, your builds, what you want out of your build etc.

    For example its a percentage of your current amount, so if you have low SP then Wisdom might be a better option. Wisdom does contribute to most of your SP so we could assume 5% would do the same to both, but you do get essences that boost your SP considerably.

    If your wisdom contributes to all your SP then the above arguement is invalid and therefore we simply need to argue if Wisdom is better than Spell Power. Well usually yes, it gives less raw numbers as Wisdom give 0.75 SP, but it does give crit.

    I'm not so sure about the damage part, it's quite mathsy, but I heard SP and Wisdom are better.
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    Thank you for the answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skorianez View Post
    Thank you for the answer.
    1. Spell Power (I think it's slightly better than Wisdom, for dps specs anyways)
    2. Wisdom (1 Wisdom = 0.7 Spell Power, 0.2 Int and 0.1 Critical Hit, if I remember correctly)
    3. Crit Power (especially for Purifier and Shaman)
    4. Critical Hit

    As for attributes, I think it was:
    1. Spell Power
    2. Damage Done
    3. Wisdom

    It depends though, Wisdom usually gives you + 2% for each point, while Damage Done gives you + 1% for each point spent into that attribute. So for 5 points you'd get +10% Wisdom or +5% Damage Done.

    So if you have, let's say, 1000 Wisdom, you'd get 100 Wisdom extra, which would be worth around 70 Spell Power, which is more than the 5% Damage increase you'd gain from the Damage Done attribute, I'm not 100% sure though, best if you simply try it on a Dummy (i.e. hit a Dummy for 5 minutes) and check your dps meter.
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