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Thread: Fix warriors!

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    Default Fix warriors!


    So right now warriors are kinda useless! maybe not for tanking, but im talking about dps now.

    We do less dps then all of the other classes.

    So What will happen, is when ppl start raiding, they will take a max of 1 warrior just for the buffs.

    Why even make a class when its useless?

    What would you pref to take with you, a rogue who dose 300 dmg or a warrior who do 150. ofc the rogue.

    How this is not fixed, is just wrong!

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    First of all, nice english.

    Now you cry about stuff you have no clue about.

    Assuming warrior are **** when you're probably not even 50 is just completely stupid and ignorant. You keep on whining everywhere on the forums about rogue and sabo being op. I'm guessing you're new to rift if you can't understand the fact that most warrior souls get their good ability very late in the trees compares to sabo, one of the rare soul to get almost their full kit early on. There's no fixing needed and there's no fixing or balancing that will be done either. The classes are as they are from Live, changing something on prime will affect Live and same for the other way around.

    So stop whining and either play your warrior to max level and then you'll understand that warriors aren't that bad after all, or reroll sabo and realize that sabo scaling isn't as good as other classes.

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