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Thread: Low level dungeon tanking / Tank comparisons / Self-healing

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    Default Low level dungeon tanking / Tank comparisons / Self-healing

    Hello everyone - I am sure this is not a popular topic as very few people play a tank, however I would like to start a discussion as there is not much info out there.

    I am currently trying to level a warrior (Paladin) and cleric (Justicar) tank on Vigil.

    At level 50, what is the survivability of the various tanks?
    For example, does the Rift Stalker heal after teleport compare to justicar healing?
    Does the paladin 100% heal every 90 seconds compare? Perhaps on single target tanking the paladin full heal is equivalent to Justicar salvation on only one mob? (The boss for instance)
    How does mage tanking handle? Can they heal in some manner?

    Thank you so much.

    P.s. I know low level does not count but my Justicar tanked Iron Tombs with no problem but my Paladin almost failed at Realm of the Fae...

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    I can only really speak from the perspective of a Justicar tank ..

    Rift is a game based around roles, so in this case, each tank would be better at something different.

    As a Justicar I am not that great at taking the big hits, we are not built for boss tanking (even though we can, and have, Warriors have an easier job doing so). We however excel at tanking lots of smaller mobs, far FAR better than most of the other tanks because of how much damage we mitigate through Salvation's minor heals per mob hit.

    I believe (IMO) that Justicar is the superior group tank because of this, however that does NOT mean the other tanks cannot group tank VERY well, it's just what Justicar specializes at.

    In a raid setting Justicar is the AoE aggro tank, we generally gather up the adds because of our great ranged aggro and can in many cases sustain with minimal support healing.

    I am often jealous of some Warrior tanks because of their additional defensive cooldowns and overall tankyness, but as I said, each class and soul combination has it's role to play, there is no one perfect tank class that excels in everything.

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    At least sub-50 I can tell you as a rogue I often feel like the absolute worst tank out there when it comes to mitigating damage. Lack of proper tanking gear while leveling is an absolute mess for the class.

    What rogue tanks do excel at is mobility and big AOE threat. I *never* lose aggro, and most big DPS types can start to unload almost immediately without trouble.

    It makes tanking those groups of multiple mobs very easy...except that I think my healer is probably having a heart attack trying to keep me standing.

    From what I have seen from playing DPS is that Warriors seem to have the overall best mitigation during the leveling process (lv40 currently) but their AOE threat is abysmal making them less than ideal for dungeon running.

    Cleric tanks seem to have it all for dungeons: good enough threat (big DPS seem to have to wait a GCD or two which is fine and expected) and their mitigation is very good...just a tad below warrior if I had to take a guess.

    Cleric would be my preferred dungeon tank. For lv50 raids, who knows? Not enough people are at that level yet to make an informed decision.

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    I'd say that matches my experiences so far as well, primarily as AOE dps but also playing some tank and heals on a cleric. I haven't spent much time in dungeons higher than FC though so I don't know if things change later on.

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    I'm lvling my warrior alt and wanna tank some dungeons soon. Which warrior tank specs are recommended for early game? In can share my results here after some dungeons.

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