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Thread: Prime Defiler Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinadass View Post
    Damage from Wrathful Exuberance isn't scaled down by 60-70% like all normal damage abilities are on the server
    Sounds like an easy fix then. Hopefully see a patch for it in the next 6 months..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffrat View Post
    Other than the part where Runeshaper is about 25% better, even post nerf. And Sentinels being sentinels.

    For me on dummies right now:
    44 Rune ~1.75k
    51 Defiler ~1.35k
    48 Druid ~1k (haven't done this one in a couple days, but it's behind defiler/rune)
    41 Druid ~900
    Shaman/Inq/Cabalist <700

    Sentinels until they get nerfed are what you're running in pve dungeons for dps though. They perform as well as runeshapers but also heal, so..
    what level are you at for these numbers? and if LVL 50 then what was your average gear level? trash gear/ mixed/ full expert gear?

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    No guide changes in anticipation of balance changes in a few hours.
    • Aggressive Avarice has had it's nerf removed.
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    Does Karuuls alert code that you included in the guide does it take care of all the Dots and cooldowns for defiler?

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