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Thread: Rogue skill/macro guide for prime?

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    Default Rogue skill/macro guide for prime?

    Returning player from vanilla and while im playing a class I already know, a few friends are new to the game and playing rogue of which i am absolutely no help. While i've found guides for live, im not sure how well that converts here, especially to leveling and lower level dungeons. Are there any guides out there for what skills to use with the primary leveling build(s)?

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    I'm also a returning player from vanilla so can't help much, but from what I hear is that the souls are largely the same as they are on live.

    Also, the Prime forum is still messy and confusing still to post in. You would think a rogue guide would be posted here on Prime:Vigil Calling & Soul Discussion & Guides but it's actually posted on the Prime:Vigil Gameplay, Guides & Strategies.

    Here's a link: http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-prim...prime-pve.html
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