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Thread: Deew's School for Kids Who Can't Chloro Good and Want to Learn to Do Other Stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skiye View Post
    There's plenty of Expert dungeon boss mechanics that Break Free will get you out of. I know off hand Tar'Julia live Tartaric Depths it works as well and it's a raid mechanic.

    Since Break Free will only fire off if it can get you unstunned/stuck it doesn't hurt to macro it. It's not like the it will go on CD if you do.
    Theres a variety of reasons people advise against this, namely that roots/snares often use up a breakfree that is macro'd leaving you defenseless to stuns/etc later. The other part of that coin is there are a few fights in Rift where using a break free on something will trigger boss mechanics, and macro'ing it will remove your control over this.

    pulling it out of your macro's now will save you (and your raid and/or pvp team) miles of headaches down the road. It's not a huge deal while leveling or even in dungeons, but it is definitely a way you can improve your player skill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JVassie View Post
    Deeew, your link to the build w/ Frostkeeper off soul doesn't actually have Frostkeeper in it - wrong build copy/paste I guess?
    yeah was updating too late at night apparently, thx and fixed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrionBrasse View Post
    In all seriousness, we don't expect everyone to still be playing SFP

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    Deew's Chloro school is best school.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CowGoesMoo View Post
    It seems #BelieveinYork has failed. I'm sorry.

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