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Thread: Which Mage soul is most OP for leveling?

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    Default Which Mage soul is most OP for leveling?

    Which Mage soul is most OP for leveling?

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    Mystic Archer is pretty insane for leveling, from my experience anyway. It is a little limited in the sense that there really isn't any AoE with the 30 point ability whose name escapes me disabled.

    But for a more methodical just grind mobs down spec I'd recommend a Necromancer Warlock hybrid. Send in Pet, Dot the mob up, send pet to next mob, dot the mob up, rinse and repeat forever.

    Some people also like pyro... I'm not one of those people, personal preference though.
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    Mystic Archer is great for 3 targets. Use the blue elemental buff (name escapes me) and picking up your arrows heals you. There are talents to increase the amount healed as well. Just be aware that it also deals damage to the closest mob to you, even if you are out of combat. So it may take time to learn not to pick up arrows after combat ends, unless you intend on pulling random mobs.

    I solo 1 elite + 2 regular mobs easier than a single elite because of this.
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