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Thread: Proposed Saboteur Changes

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    Default Proposed Saboteur Changes

    Sab is boring and too easy.
    Seems all we ever do is press 1 button and win. Combo points are all but useless and just "tacked" on to rogue which seems wrong. I know its only the start of Prime, but the boring aspect won't go away so the numbers aren't as important. Just the gameplay.

    Proposed changes:
    1/3/4 Charge cost for frag/scatter/annil

    Either add another sticky for 5 charges, double flashbang's dmg, or make time bomb similiar to old timebomb.

    [Sticky Timebomb] explodes for XXXX dmg 20 seconds AFTER Detonate is used on target. Time to explosion is decreased by 2 seconds for every sticky bomb on target.
    Grants 1 Combo point on explosion. Consumes 2 Charges.
    For new sticky bomb perhaps that increases the Sab's (and only the sabs) chance to crit against those affected by 10% for 4/5/6 seconds depending on how many stickies are on mob upon detonation. Grants 1 Combo Point. Consumes 2 Charges. Replaces talent [Combat Arming].

    Talent [Long Fuse] now increases crit power of bombs' by 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% against enemies affected by this new sticky bomb. (renamed? perhaps [Short Fuse] to denote increased damage because anger)

    Talent [Sabotage Run] duration increased to 5 seconds from 4.
    New Talent [It's Sabotage!] @ 5th row (next to Final Countdown) ===> [Sabotage Run] Cooldown lowered by 30 seconds. During [Sabotage Run], Sticky Bombs get double multipliers from # of other sticky bombs.

    Remove damage and threat gen on sticky bombs.
    Sticky bomb's don't break stealth.
    Lower sticky bombs' damage about 15% and buff max targets to 8.
    Remove [Grand Explosion].
    [Satchel Charge] generates 1 Chem Mix every CP it uses.
    [Satchel Charge] does 2.5% more damage per sticky on target.
    [Last Ditch Effort] Consumes 15 charges still (total cost for seperate stickys is 10) since its all at once.
    Talent [Combat Arming] (if timebomb changed) reduces Time Bomb's "fuse" by 2/4/6/8/10 seconds.

    Feedback welcome.

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    Default Another idea

    Lose the ability to instantly get 30 charges when out of combat. Gain 2 charges per finisher point used instead of 1. This will remove the insta-burst everyone complaining about, but give better sustain.

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