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Thread: Slow combat pacing 50+

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    Default Slow combat pacing 50+

    Hello, in doing the Prime 50+ content I find that combat slows down significantly. Things just take forever to kill. Mentoring down picks things up in pacing noticeably, so I assume this must be a bug of some kind.

    I've tried consulting others in-game re: builds and on the forum and don't really consider myself an amateur player to MMOs. Nothing really seems to be working for me and others re: making combat faster while leveling 50+.

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    We did alot of dungeons back when 50-60lvl launched. There was a calculation wrong and it made killing world mobs extremely painful to endure. Are you questing in level appropriate zone. If you are experiencing the force mentoring it may still be sluggish. I had the same thought when I went back to a level 50-52 zone that my kills were slower then the level 60 kills. So there may be some truth to what your describing. Only thing is they already put a fix through for that problem. It is in the mobs health calculation. This fix make major improvments in gameplay albeit not perfect. That is what you are now playing through. So it is unlikely anyone will make another blanket adjustment and at 60 gameplay was smooth and all aspects doable minus necessary group tasks.


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