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Thread: Ranger Greater Razorbeast bugged?

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    Default Ranger Greater Razorbeast bugged?

    The Ranger's Greater Razorbeast tank pet doesn't seem to be able to hold agro since SL launch. The pet gains agro initially but once the enemy is down to ~50% health it starts to attack my Ranger directly and ignores the tank pet. Even if the Razorbeast fires off Razor Quills it doesn't seem to get agro and the mobs keep fighting my Ranger directly.

    I thought this was just in SL zones but it seems to be a problem in all zones.

    P.S. I have even stopped attacking the enemy with my Ranger and tried spamming Razor Quills but the enemy will still just attack the Ranger and ignore the Greater Razorbeast.

    ***EDIT: Looks like I had disabled the auto-attack on Pummel. Once I re-enable auto-attack the Tank pet seems to be holding aggro properly.
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