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Thread: Mystic Archer abilitys on immune targets like Thalguur, Johlen, and Alsbeth

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    Default Mystic Archer abilities on immune targets | Thalguur, Johlen, and Alsbeth

    So Mystic Archer abilities hit the first target... even if the target is untargetable, immune to damage and stuff. On Thalguur you need to make sure to stay in the boss to hit your abilities, because otherwise you are hitting the untargetable and immune ghosts. Arrows you pick up while "Elemental Gifts" buff is active hit the closest target. Even if the target is immune again... More than half of the arrows are eaten by those immune ghosts.
    Same goes for Johlen. He will become untargetable and immune during the bomb phases. Then he will put a debuff on a random player but also teleports invisible, untargetable and immune to that exact player. All Mystic Archer abilities are getting eaten by him if he happens to stand between the bomb and you. You cant even avoid this because you are not able to see him...
    Alsbeth fight is not that bad as MA but still annoying. If you happen to cast "Flash Fire" at the exact moment she gets immune you wasted your biggest ability...

    In my opinion a very nice fix is if those abilites wont recognize immune targets as first target. Same for arrows, so if the first target is immune, deal damage to the next closest target.

    Thank you!
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