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Thread: Necromancer Crystal

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    Default Necromancer Crystal

    So, since the Necromancer Synergy Crystal still is the only crystal mages can use while playing as 43pyro/23mystic archer/0necro (which is the highest ST dps spec) I would appreciate a fix.

    All the Necromancer pets cannot crit with the "Charge" ability ("Crypt Rush" and "Dark Lunge") and the crystal ignores critical auto attacks. The only way to trigger the crystal is by a critical hit with abilitys (For example the Lesser Skeletal Zealot needs to critical hit with "Jagged Wound" or "Soul Rend").

    Im pretty sure this crystal will still be better than the pyromancer crystal if the new pyro crystal will decrease Flame Bolt cooldown by 1 second. (which basically does nothing because of the "Wildfire" talent)

    Thank you very much
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