This is either a server/client problem or a latency problem or a graphics problem. I don't know what. But the protective circle cast by Eliam's Ghost doesn't work most of the time. Yes, I am cleansing the DOT. I made a macro that allows me to AOE cleanse 4 times in succession and I start casting it right be he finishes the spell and after yet the blast still kills even if you're in the circle. I can only guess that even though it "looks" like you're in the circle on the client side, the server doesn't agree and thus it kills you. Maybe it's a graphics lag.

SOMETIMES the circle works, but honestly I think that's only because youre lucky enough to have the angle *just* right so that the pillar the NPC is standing next to blocks the spell. The angle has to be perfect and there isn't enough time to get there every time he casts the spell, which is very often.

Regardless, we shouldn't have to cheese this on the stairs to get by. This should be fixed. It has been broken for months now. Thanks.