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Thread: Sky Blue Dye not applying...

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    Default Sky Blue Dye not applying...

    I used 9 sky blue dyes on my main this morning but wasn't looking at my toon due to the bag inventory over the top of the toon. I did notice the color change on my robe and when I hit confirm it reverted back to the original color. So I tried it again thinking maybe I hit cancel. The robe color changed to sky blue and then I hit confirm...it went back to its original color and the dye was used up. I /reloadui but no change. I exited...no change. I tried to dye both primary/secondary on hood, shoulders, cape, robe.

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    I purchased some Sky Blue Dye on Prime and successfully applied it to my plate armor wardrobe and one to my actual cloth gear.

    Please verify that these are the steps you took:
    • Open character sheet (C) to the Wardrobe tab
    • Right click dye in bags and left clicked the Wardrobe armor to be dyed
    • A dialogue box asking for Primary or Secondary pops up and choose one.
    • Preview shows what is to be dyed and a second dialogue box with Confirm and Cancel pops up. Hit Confirm if happy.
    • Armor is dyed as previewed and item is consumed out of bag

    If you dyed via the Character or Stat page but you are wearing wardrobe armor over your real gear, the real gear will consume the dye, be dyed, but not be visible. Dying the wardrobe version, even if you like the look of your actual gear, will allow you to keep the dye a bit longer if you upgrade and change gear. This of course requires you to buy outfit slots.

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