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Thread: Guild quests near impossible to be completed now, please change/fix.

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    Exclamation Guild quests near impossible to be completed now, please change/fix.

    As the title states, with the state of pvp, it is impossible to complete any guild quest to kill in pvp within a reasonable timeframe. Realistically, yes if you carried that one quest and took no others you could possibly complete it in a month or two.

    Please consider lowering the number of kills to something more realistic like 50 or 100, or removing those quests specifically. It already takes long enough to level a guild, however with these quests going incomplete each week we only get 4 instead of 6 quests worth of XP each week because of this.

    Any fix or change would be appreciated.
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    guild quests have always had some issues on live already..

    the kill numbers are quest specific, no matter how big the guild is.

    So a guild with 14 members can get the same kill 1300 in pvp as a guild with 500 members..

    quests level in difficulty with the guild level, not necessarily with the member levels

    So a guild with 1 level 50 and 10 level 20-30 that worked hard on getting guild levels up can get a quest to clear xprt instance x 10x, same as a guild with 50 level 50s..

    It would be nice if guild quests would be measured in numbers according to amount/level of (active/logged in during the past 30 days) guild members with a reasonable max in numbers.

    To prevent abuse by smaller guilds, (members leaving before accepting a guild quest and then rejoining to do the low-number guild quest) there could be a cooldown introduced to rejoin the same guild.. 48hrs for example.

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