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Thread: SHIMMERSAND - Broken Quests

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    Default SHIMMERSAND - Broken Quests

    Was hoping for resolution on the following:

    1. PERMANENT SLUMBER: Quest cannot be completed due to NPC stuck in a "post explosion" state. (House on fire when you walk in. I assume this is what it would look like after you complete the quest)

    2. BETTER TO BE FEARED: Quest cannot be completed because NPC (VOMOTH) is stuck in a "combat" state due to the invasions trapped under/inside the boat model egging him on.

    Not sure if either of these are "known issues", but wanted to offer up some visibility.

    Thanks for the time to anyone who reads this.

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    Can confirm that "Permanent Slumber" has been broken for my friend and I all week. My friend couldn't complete "Better to be Feared", but I could for some reason, so that one is a bit more mysterious... still seems bugged though.

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