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Thread: Blighted Pyromancer Crystal uses deprecated Combust

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    Default Blighted Pyromancer Crystal uses deprecated Combust

    The Blighted Pyromancer crystal 4-piece bonus gives a 15% chance to leave combust on the target. Combust was removed from Pyromancer like 4 years ago. Could we have it updated to something relevant?

    Increase SP by 75 for 15 seconds after using Flame Bolt
    Critical hits with fire skills increase your SP by 75 for 30 seconds
    Increase damage from Flame Bolt by 500
    Fire skills have a 15% chance to cast Fireball at the target
    Summon a fire minion to run over and junk punch your target for Fireball damage


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    I would welcome something drastic like "Fulminate does 2x dmg" so we can finally be rid of these terrible Mystic Archer hybrids.

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