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Thread: GSB: Lord Greenscale safe zones

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    Default GSB: Lord Greenscale safe zones

    The safe zones from killing the Verdant Annihilator in the Lord Greenscale encounter are not properly despawning in some cases. It appears to be a server-side issue, because it affects the entire raid, continues to give the protection buff, and does not correct itself when fully exiting the client.

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    Corroborating ^ post. Relogging doesn't fix it and neither does restarting glyph.
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    Reported this on PTS and directly on forums to Icarus, addition to it we only encountered this when people didn't respawn but waited getting rezzed on our first pug run at day 1 and on our progress run as guild on wednesday, on both kills we didn't face this issue so looks like people staying on ground not forcing encounter to reset properly.
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