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    Default Sabatour talents not active after death

    I was in Shimmersand questing. I am level 43 specd 43 point in Sab. I have died twice and upon corpse running and rezzing I am not getting abilities to function.

    Namely - Talent "Bombs Away!" does not activate so I am not getting a combo point when used.
    Also, casting Satchel Charge does not apply Chemical Mixture charges, therefore Cloud Maker does not get charges.

    Once I change spec to another role and back, everything seems fine.

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    Default Same here

    Same happens to me all the time (yeah Sab dmg always results in lethal consequences).
    It's one or another talent deactivated.
    You say it may be double death? Worth checking! And for Trion QA as well!

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    To add to this, Flashbang will often times not restore charges either. This tends to happen after dying mid-combat and resurrecting either through battle res or running back / soul walk. This is a drastic DPS loss and needs to be fixed.
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    One of the designers looking into class issues just recently fixed the Bombs Away issues, and while they were doing so, I believe they also noticed some of the related Sab issues and fixed those too.

    I am not sure at the moment what the exact time frame is for releasing this fix - whether it is going to go straight to the patch build or go to Test build for a couple of weeks along with many other class adjustments that are incoming.

    But yes we are aware of this issue, already have a fix in place internally, and it should hopefully go out in a patch in the very near future.

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