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Thread: Charmers Caldera Expert

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    Default Charmers Caldera Expert

    The wind boss in the temple (3rd? boss): where those lazers appear both sides of the room and travel to other side, having to dodge inbetween one side and around the other.

    Sometimes those lazers go almost invisible. Very rarely they show properly and we know it's a bug because it changes from almost invisible to completely visible like this - especially when you die - in the grey screen. That and we have messed around with graphics settings - spell opacity and detail, etc, including max everything.

    The last boss: That big lightning beam thing she does where it travels counter clockwise and you're meant to run with it - it does almost no damage.

    It's more of a gimmick that we just stand afk through, more than any real mechanic that we have to actually pay attention to.

    Bonus bug Runic Descent (both expert and normal mode): The big tree boss in the lake - drops alot of plants that do absolutely nothing, seemingly.
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