So, this guy - will use a random soultree - when he spawns - some of which make it much more difficult to kill him that others, such that it almost certainly has to be a bug

I joined several Kings Breach yesterday to do this part of the aelfwar saga

1) fire - he cast fireballs at over 6k dmg (on my VK tank with all the resist talents from both VK and Pala - impossible to outheal - need a serious amount of rotating interrupts

big problem tho - as he heads towards 50%, boom instant full health, over and over - no way to interrupt - no warning........insane bug

2) life - he cast withering vine - didn't notice how much dmg it did - I guess it was being dispelled - but again - boom around 50% instant full health

3) death - void bolts - seemed to be ok dmg, unsure if he would still full heal tho - as by this point I had gone extreme mode trying to stop the instant full heal

I ask, is it reasonable to expect, that to kill this guy, you need to be a VK tank, using stun from pala, debilitate, aoe, debilitate, and the debilitate talent from interrupt - and keep fingers crossed?